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Lawn Mowing

Landscaping is responsible for turning ordinary houses into spectacular homes and office buildings into warm, livable spaces.  It can also add up to 20 percent to your homes estimated value.

If you’re interested in installing a new landscape, we can help.

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If you need commercial or residential lawn mowing, please call us.  In most cases, we can provide a professionally serviced lawn for less than you can do it yourself. 
The cosmetic benefits of  regular lawn mowing can be noticed immediately.  Regular lawn mowing keeps the grass short, neat, and even.  This helps keep your lawn healthy and eliminate pests from the grass at the same time.  The results are a very well manicured and orderly appearance. 
 1. Water only when necessary.  A simple trick to determine whether your lawn needs watering is to insert a screwdriver into the grass. If it enters the soil easily, your lawn has plenty of water already. 

2. Water throughout the season. Grass needs a consistent watering schedule, and starting and stopping a watering pattern can stunt your lawn's growth.  Once you start a routine, stick with it.

3. Allow the soil to dry. A thorough watering once or twice a week is preferable to lightly misting every day.

4. Water during cooler hours. Early morning and early evening are the ideal times to water.

-Maintaining your lawn also requires:  fertilization, removing weeds, removing debris, keeping beds edged, and more.  With a little planning, you'll be enjoying a cool, lush green lawn in no time.  

Watering tips to help keep your lawn GREEN...
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